Dr. Vincenzo Ed. Geraci

Specialista Chirurgia Plastica ed Estetica già primario Chirurgia Plastica Ospedale Fatebenefratelli Milano – Past Chief department of Plastic Surgery at Milan Hospital – Эстетической и пластической хирургии специалист

Aestethic Surgery’s new deal – PLEXER


The “surgery who not cuts”, work by sublimation (flash evaporation) of punctiform areas – of less than one square millimeter of skin – and without the need of anesthesia. In a few sessions, tents and smoothes the skin of the face and body (including sensitive areas) with an excellent rejuvenation and toning.

The result is final and far outweighs any CO2 laser scalpel and radio frequencies for efficacy, safety and costs.

Fields of application: Blepharoplasty, minilifting, wrinkles, scars, blemishes, skin spots,acne, tattoos, small epidermal outgrowths, xanthelasms.


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